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Important Ways To Invest In Real Estate!

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Investing in real estate is a guaranteed way to increase income and there is no secret that real estate prices are almost constantly growing. This capital investment carries much less risk compared to investing in stocks or creating a deposit account. In major cities, the residential and commercial premise is constant in demand and become more expensive from year to year. The larger the locality, the more profitable to buy real estate.

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The commercial real estate as an investment object is very attractive. Apartments and houses cost less, and their placement can significantly increase liquidity. It is necessary to take into account the location of the house and the apartment layout. However, here are the following ways to invest in real estate Thailand:

  • Renting a Room

Since real estate, today is not a cheap purchase and not everyone can invest in it. So, the best option is not to buy the whole apartment, but its part like a room. With average rental prices, this money will be returned to you in 5-10 years and the income will be 10-20% per annum. This is much higher than the yield from the delivery of the whole apartment.

  • In Residential Real Estate

The most affordable way with minimal risks. The principle of investment is that you first need to buy a home, then either sell it at a higher price or rent it out. When choosing a residential property, you need to consider some parameters like district, layout, state, and infrastructure. It is better to purchase a home on your own without the help of a realtor and take into account all the details.

  • Acquisition of Land

This is the least expensive way to invest money, which provide advantage like the probability of fraud is low, no need to do repairs and pay utilities, easier to buy, low taxes and simple clearance. For short-term investments, land suitable plots for construction.

  • Property Under Construction

Buying an apartment even at the stage of building a house made it possible to save up to 30% of its price. With this method of investing, profit is much more, but the risks are also much higher. This will be explained by the fact that real estate at the construction stage costs much less than on the secondary market, and after the completion of construction prices increase significantly. So, invest the money on property under construction. When your apartment is completed and finished, you can sell it more expensive than you bought.

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

One of the great ways to invest in real estate is REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts) without being actively involved. It is a fund that is set up to invest in mortgage instruments, bonds, and stocks in the real estate niche. Equity, mortgages, and hybrid are a few different types of REITs which invest in properties, mortgages, and a mixture of the two respectively. All these three offer high yields.

  • Participation in Real Estate Funds

Here are acquired shares of a fund that invest their money in real estate. The main advantages are real estate is not the property of the investor, which is very convenient; diversification; and investments are done by professionals. All this testifies to the high profitability of this investment method.

  • Investments in Foreign Real Estate

Investments in housing abroad are considered by experts as highly profitable and reliable. In other states, real estate over the years also does not become cheaper, but on the contrary, it adds in value. Such investments justify themselves both in terms of future income, and as a reserve housing in case of going abroad.

  • In the Suburban Real Estate

Purchase/sale operations with country cottages and summer cottages bring investors a steady income, especially in big cities. Every resident of the metropolis wants to relax in the fresh air, away from noise and gas pollution. Such investments over time become more and more promising. However, when choosing an object, be sure to take into account the location, infrastructure, availability of communications and other indicators important for comfortable living.

Bottom Line

All of these above-mentioned ways of investing in real estate are a long-term investment with a high probability of high returns. By investing money in Thailand property, the investor through his own efforts can significantly improve it by doing repairs or reconstruction, and increase the price of the object. This way, you can maintain access to money that can be invested in another project.

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